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Our People and Culture Team works to provide an environment for our team members that is safe, empowering and engaging. Our culture is anchored in our TELUS leadership values, which were created by our team nearly two decades ago. These values describe how:

  • We embrace change and initiate opportunity

  • We have a passion for growth

  • We believe in spirited teamwork

  • We have the courage to innovate

Our objective is to attract, develop and retain talented employees in Canada and internationally. We achieve this objective by investing in our people throughout their careers, and by offering diverse and inclusive employment prospects and development opportunities. We are proud of the globally-admired culture our team has built together.

Employee experience

Each year, we invite our team members to share their ideas, comments and feedback on how we can improve their day-to-day experience through our annual engagement survey.

See our 2019 Sustainability Report for results from our annual Pulsecheck engagement survey.

Work styles

Work Styles is a program that engages our team members by providing them with the resources, support and flexibility to work when and where they are most effective. Work Styles helps drive our culture of collaboration and spirited teamwork by providing team members with flexible work options, both in and out of the office, and supporting the balance between work and personal life. This program offers the following benefits to our team and our organization:

  • Increases engagement, productivity and business results

  • Differentiates us in attracting and retaining top talent

  • Reduces our environmental impact through reduced employee commuting and decreased energy costs through condensed office space

  • Provides significant cost savings for our company and team members

Through our sales teams, we offer Work Styles® solutions to other organizations seeking to transform their culture through best practices that promote flexibility and work-life balance.


Team member and peer-to-peer recognition, when delivered effectively, is a powerful tool that supports a high-performance culture, reinforces corporate values, celebrates organizational goals and engages team members. Through our Bravo platform, TELUS encourages team members to recognize colleagues who live the TELUS values, go above and beyond, and positively affect our customers, business and team, by awarding them Bravo points.

Family friendly policies

In addition to our Work Styles program, we provide a number of other family friendly resources to support our team members:

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP): is a confidential and voluntary service dedicated to supporting and guiding team members and their families through issues that may be affecting their work, health or life

  • Kids & Company: helps parents find guaranteed placement in a high quality private daycare centres across Canada

  • Well-being account: is a flexible benefits account as part of the overall employee benefits package

  • Maternity leave: we provide a maternity leave top-up for regular full-time and regular part-time team members for the first 16 weeks of maternity leave

Talent development

We believe that an effective performance development experience that provides team members the direction, coaching and feedback they need to achieve their personal and professional goals, is critical to achieving our business goals.

Manager leadership forums

Our manager leadership forums are a one-day event designed to cascade the learnings from our senior leadership forum to next level leaders. Approximately 1,360 TELUS managers from across Canada participated in the forums in 2019. These sessions had a dedicated focus on the cultural evolution, risk taking, smart collaboration, prioritization, decision making and everyday innovation.

TELUS MBA program

To cultivate leaders with a distinctive mindset, we have partnered with the University of Victoria’s Peter B. Gustavson School of Business to create the TELUS MBA program. Partial content in each course is tailored to leadership and strategy issues specific to TELUS and the telecom industry. In 2019, 20 team members completed their studies and we started our third cohort with 20 new team members.

Leadership Now (LNow) program

Our LNow program focuses on the development of TELUS’ existing and future high-potential leaders who have the desire and capability to move into roles of greater responsibility. In 2019, 196 individuals graduated from the program, and an additional 202 were accepted to the next cohort. The program delivers a comprehensive curriculum that moves participants beyond leadership fundamentals to cultivate their strategic leadership capabilities and business knowledge. The program is designed to enhance a leader’s ability and discipline in self-leadership, innovation, strategic thinking, change management, business acumen and industry knowledge.

Career development

In addition to supporting general skills and leadership development across our company, we encourage and empower our team members to own their own career by leveraging experiential, formal and social learning opportunities internally and externally. Internally, team members have access to a library of learning and development opportunities, including information on how to create meaningful career action plans, available through our easy to use self-serve tool.

Health, safety and well-being

Our vision is to have team members equipped with resources and knowledge that contributes to an elevated culture of well-being. Our health, safety and well-being programs aim to support the best outcomes for our team members.

Our well-being strategy is guided by our three strategic objectives:

  • To systematically support organizational health and well-being at TELUS

  • To help team members connect with one another and well-being resources

  • To positively impact team member and family member health and well-being

Our scope of support includes five key dimensions of well-being – physical, psychological, social, financial and environmental. We have implemented a multi-pronged approach to support team member mental health by offering specialized resources, anti-stigma campaigns and mental health training. We also assessed our organizational alignment against Canada’s Mental Health Standard to enable ongoing improvements.


We remain on a relentless pursuit of the prevention of workplace accidents and injuries. Our Safety Management System (SMS), which aligns with governing legislation, promotes a positive safety culture and is continuously monitored for its effectiveness. Within our SMS, we have established comprehensive and systematic policies and programs to enhance the safety of our workforce.

Safety training programs serve a dual purpose by providing team members with the skills and knowledge to perform their work safely, and by reinforcing the safety culture at TELUS. For this reason, there is ongoing safety training in all areas of the organization, with a particular focus on the identification and management of workplace hazards.

Performance targets are also set for our hazard control programs. These results are reported every quarter to the Human Resources and Compensation Committee of our Board.

Labour relations

We maintain respectful and professional relationships with the labour unions that represent our team members across Canada and therefore, the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining is not at risk for TELUS. We build professional and respectful relationships with the labour unions representing our team members and communication is an important element in nurturing these relationships

Human rights

TELUS has a long-standing commitment to respecting and protecting human rights in our value chain as outlined in our Code of Ethics and Conduct, Respectful Workplace policy and Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code of Ethics and Conduct ties together all policies regulating business behaviour and provides standards of ethical conduct expected of all team members, including our Board. We also have a Workplace Accommodation Policy that aims to remove barriers preventing affected individuals from fully participating in the workplace and allows our team members to submit requests for assistance in assessing their individual circumstances and potential solutions. Our international operations comply with local legislation that protects human rights in all jurisdictions where we operate.

Feedback mechanisms

We maintain feedback mechanisms for our team members, suppliers, customers and communities, to help address human rights risks and maintain a positive working environment. The TELUS EthicsLine provides an opportunity for anyone to anonymously and confidentially ask questions, request support or make a good faith report about a real or perceived violation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct, human rights legislation or other government law or regulation, or questionable business practices or accounting/auditing matters.

Diversity and workforce profile

Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is a defining feature of our culture. Our team members have made it clear that this commitment is an important aspect of what makes them proud to be part of the TELUS family and our vision is to be a global leader in diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to drawing from a candidate pool that reflects the diversity of our customers and the communities we serve. At TELUS International, our recruitment policy for senior roles is to promote from within the team or hire candidates from the local market where we operate.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Council and Team Member Resource groups

Our D&I Council is made up of 20 to 30 team members across TELUS who develop and implement initiatives to promote D&I. We also have five Team Member Resource groups who support over 7,000 members, and together play an important role in advancing inclusion within our organization and communities. These groups offer mentoring, networking, peer support, volunteering and coaching opportunities to members.

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