Giving back to our community

TELUS has a strong foundation of social purpose governance that supports our work to align and integrate our community investment and business strategies. This governance includes developing and implementing effective strategies, assessing and managing risks, setting targets and objectives as well as reporting on our progress and performance. Our governance begins at the highest level of our company, with our Board and Corporate Governance Committee.

Initiatives to give back

In 2019, TELUS, our team members and retirees contributed $55 million to charitable and community organizations and volunteered 1.1 million hours. Our commitment to giving back to our communities and volunteering is structured through a number of programs and initiatives for our business as well as our team members.

TELUS Days of Giving

TELUS Days of Giving is just one of the many opportunities for our team to volunteer throughout the year. We held our 14th annual TELUS Days of Giving in May 2019, bringing together more than 27,000 volunteers at over 2,000 activities across Canada. Internationally, we held more than 50 days of giving in nine countries, which for the first time in 2019, included Ireland. Combined, more than 40,000 participants offered their time to help support local, grassroots initiatives and organizations within our communities.

TELUS Match and volunteer rewards

TELUS Match provides our team members and retirees an opportunity to do more for their communities. When members of the TELUS family make a donation to a registered charity, we do too – matching team member and retiree donations, up to $2,500 per person, per year. Since 2000, this annual workplace campaign has contributed $100 million to support the important work of thousands of charitable organizations across the country.

Similarly, through our volunteer rewards program, we support our team members and retirees who volunteer. For every volunteer hour a member of our TELUS family records, we make a $1 donation to the charity of their choice.

Employee and retiree giving

Our Team TELUS Cares programs represent a collection of community engagement initiatives that are making our world a better place. Through these programs we motivate, mobilize and reward employees and retirees who make positive change in the communities where we live and work.

TELUS Community Ambassadors

TELUS Community Ambassadors, our network of current and retired team member volunteers, provide a critical connection between TELUS and our communities. Over 5,000 Ambassadors based in 23 clubs across British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada work collectively to respond to the needs of their communities. In 2019, our Ambassadors:

  • Donated 60,000 care items

  • Fundraised $280,000 for local causes

  • Filled over 13,000 Kits for Kids with school supplies

  • Prepared more than 6,000 comfort kits with basic toiletries and comfort items for homeless and displaced families

Connecting for Good

At TELUS, we understand the power of technology as an equalizer. Through our Connecting for Good™ programs – including Health for Good™, Mobility for Good™, Internet for Good™ and Tech for Good™ – we are leveraging our technology to make certain disadvantaged and underserved citizens are connected to the people, information and opportunities that matter most in our increasingly digital society.


Since 2007, TELUS has supported Pride through targeted local sponsorships. Our team members, friends and family come together to walk and celebrate the power of inclusion and the importance of diversity for our customers, community and team. In 2019, close to 43,000 team members, family and friends celebrated diversity in nearly 20 Pride events in communities across Canada as well as in Manila, Philippines.

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

In 2018, the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation™ was launched with a $118 million donation from TELUS. The Foundation is an independent charitable organization addressing the social and economic challenges facing Canada’s disadvantaged youth. Through the programs it supports, the Foundation is helping vulnerable youth thrive in our digital society by providing better access to health and educational opportunities, enabled by technology.

The Foundation represents the next evolution of our philosophy to give where we live. It provides financial grants to grassroots charities across Canada that need help supporting youth. Together with the 13 TELUS Canadian Community Boards, it provided nearly $8 million in 2019 in support of more than 500 projects, creating a brighter future for vulnerable youth in Canada.

TELUS Community Boards

Founded in 2005, the TELUS Community Boards are based on an innovative funding model that puts philanthropic decision-making in the hands of local leaders who know their communities best. In 2018, with the creation of the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, the Boards’ role evolved. They now provide recommendations on the allocations of funds from the Foundation for grants to grassroots Canadian charities that support disadvantaged youth and other vulnerable populations. Preference is given to projects that also demonstrate tangible technological or social innovation. Since 2005, the Boards have contributed $78 million and supported over 6,000 projects.

The five TELUS International Community Boards – in Bulgaria, Romania, Guatemala, El Salvador and the Philippines – contributed approximately $500,000 in support of 85 projects in their respective areas in 2019.

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