Good governance

At TELUS, we have a long-standing commitment to sound and effective corporate governance and disclosure practices. We continually review and enhance these practices to achieve higher standards and pursue greater transparency and integrity year after year. The TELUS team works together to deliver future friendly® services, and our values guide the way:

  • We embrace change and initiate opportunity.

  • We have a passion for growth.

  • We believe in spirited teamwork.

  • We have the courage to innovate.

The Board has overall responsibility for stewardship of the Company, which includes enterprise risk oversight. The Board exercises its risk oversight related to corporate social responsibility, environment and sustainability matters through the Corporate Governance Committee. The Corporate Governance Committee of the Board also reviews this Sustainability Report and recommends its approval by the full Board.

Our climate-related risks are identified by our Sustainability and Environmental Risk Management team and Enterprise Risk Management teams, who then provide quarterly progress reports to the Corporate Governance Committee and other relevant updates to the Board as required. These reports contain pertinent information regarding our environmental risks, compliance and liability.

Board diversity

We believe that fostering diversity provides a major competitive advantage and enables our Board to benefit from a broader range of perspectives that reflect the viewpoints of our customers and the communities we serve.

In our Board diversity policy, we have set objectives to have diversity represented by not less than 30 per cent of our Board’s independent members and a minimum representation of 30 per cent of each gender. We have exceeded both of these objectives, with 50 per cent (six nominees) of the independent directors up for nomination at our Annual General Meeting representing diversity and 42 per cent (five nominees) being women.

Managing sustainability

The CEO and executives are responsible for the approval of the overall strategic direction of our sustainability programs.

The Sustainability and Environmental Risk Management Team oversees our sustainability strategy development and governance, integrates sustainability considerations across the business, implements training and awareness on sustainability and the environment, and supports our ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System.

The National Sustainability Council is made up of a diverse group of more than 20 team members across the business who dedicate up to 10 per cent of their time to support the integration of sustainability into our culture. Council members create impact by leading initiatives that engage our team members in sustainability. In 2019, this included bringing 500 team members together to clean up 30 shorelines across Canada, supporting another 500 team members pledging for a plastic-free July, and hosting 10 webinars with external sustainability experts.

Green Teams are volunteer groups made up of TELUS employees, in 17 locations globally, who implement self-driven sustainability initiatives at their offices. In 2019, Green Teams collectively implemented over 50 initiatives, including hosting lunch-time workshops for team members, organizing community cleanups across the country, and launching an on-site vegetable garden in Sainte-Marie, Quebec. Some highlights of the Green Teams’ impacts include building three solar LED kits, removing 450 kilograms of waste from Louise McKinney Riverfront Park in Edmonton, and collecting 30 bags of clothing donations for Diabetes Canada in Toronto.

Sustainability pay link

We link organizational sustainability performance to compensation for all team members through our corporate scorecard, which affects the company-wide performance bonus structure. The social capitalism index within the scorecard contains metrics that measure our performance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions as well as various social impact measures.

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