Good governance

At TELUS, we have a long-standing commitment to sound and effective corporate governance and disclosure practices. We continually review and enhance these practices to achieve higher standards and pursue greater transparency and integrity year after year. The TELUS team works together to deliver future friendly® services, and our values guide the way.

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Putting customers first

Our commitment to world class service is demonstrated in our governance as well as everything we do. We listen to our customers and work to find ways to exceed their expectations. Whether we are helping in person, developing personal AI assistants or building industry leading innovations like our 5G network, we deliver industry leading support when our customers need it the most.

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Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to integrating stakeholder engagement and related outcomes within our governance, planning and decision-making across our business. We believe it's critical to foster relationships with our stakeholders and engage with them on an ongoing basis. By considering the expectations of those who we impact through our business and how they impact us, we support innovation for our company.

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Risk management & business continuity

Effective risk management supports our sustainability leadership. Our enterprise-wide risk and control assessment practices solicit and incorporate the expertise and insight of team members from all areas and levels of the organization.

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We have an ethical responsibility as corporate citizens to make every decision with the highest degree of integrity. At TELUS, we have a committed culture of ethical behaviour with all team members, including security personnel, as well as our suppliers, vendors, community partners and members of our Board.

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