Time and time again, our team demonstrates that when things are at their worst, you can rely on TELUS to be at its best. Our team’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of citizens, supported by world-leading networks and unparalleled customer service, continues to define TELUS’ leadership in social capitalism.

Supporting stakeholders when they need us most

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, the TELUS team is leveraging our leading technology and compassion to enable remarkable human outcomes and deliver solutions, resources and care to all our stakeholders. At a time when the world needs a leader in social capitalism, TELUS has been able to make a significant difference in the lives of citizens, globally.

Leading the world in social capitalism

In a year like no other, your Company provided the technology, and the human and social innovation, to keep all of our stakeholders – from our customers, investors and team members to our frontline healthcare workers and most vulnerable citizens – connected to the information, resources and people that matter most. As the global leader in social capitalism, TELUS responded in unprecedented and meaningful ways to ensure our fellow citizens remained safe, informed and productive throughout 2020.

Delivering solid results and keeping citizens connected


Total connections ¹

16.0 million in 2020

15.2 million in 2019


Revenues ²

$15.5 billion in 2020

$14.7 billion in 2019


Adjusted EBITDA ³

$5.7 billion in 2020

$5.7 billion in 2019


Dividends declared ⁴

$1.18495/share in 2020

$1.12625/share in 2019

  1. Customer connections have been revised in 2020 and 2019 to account for acquisitions and other adjustments. For details, see Section 1.3 of Management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A).

  2. Revenues include operating revenues and other income.

  3. This is a non-GAAP measure and does not have a standardized meaning under IFRS-IASB. For more information, see Section 11 of the MD&A.

  4. Dividends declared have been adjusted to reflect the two-for-one share split effective March 17, 2020.

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