Together we can #EndBullying

We’re supporting youth with educational initiatives to make a safer, friendlier world online. Explore our stories below showing the impact of cyberbullying and how we're helping youth to rise above it.


Experience the impact of cyberbullying

Stand with us to #EndBullying

It may not always feel like it, but there’s an entire team behind you. Together, we can bring good sportsmanship online and #EndBullying.

The impact of cyberbullying

TELUS Wise Digital Pledge

There isn’t a single person who can end cyberbullying. But millions can. By signing this pledge, you'll stand with countless Canadians to help keep your digital neighbourhood safe. For every pledge taken, we will donate $1 to support #EndBullying programs across Canada. Together, we can create a friendlier world online.


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Pick up a t-shirt for just $15. All proceeds will be donated to #EndBullying programs across Canada.

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Meaghan bullied her friend: Here's her story of redemption

Fifteen per cent of Canadian kids have taken part in cyberbullying. Meaghan is one of them. Today she shares her story of lasting consequences and the need for kindness online.

Read Meaghan's story

A mother’s mission to end cyberbullying

Five years after her daughter's suicide, Carol Todd continues to fight against online abuse and spread Amanda's message of kindness and compassion.

Read Carol and Amanda's story

No bandwidth for bullying

TELUS is committed to making the digital world a friendlier place. Stand with us to #EndBullying.

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Cyberbullying support


Many young people don’t know they can make a difference when they encounter cyberbullying. No matter where you see it, or what’s being said, here’s how you can help.


Parents are often the first to hear from youth about cyberbullying. These resources can help with any questions or issues that may arise and help you give kids the support they need.

Teachers & coaches

Teachers and coaches have a crucial role to play against cyberbullying. It starts with creating a climate of respect at school and on the playing field. As mentors, you can also help youth who encounter cyberbullying.

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