Maxime Comptois wearing a hockey jersey with a TELUS EndBullying logo on it

As a team, we can #EndBullying

This World Juniors, let's keep the shots on the ice, not online. When we're all on the same team and all connected for good, we can #EndBullying.


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The 2020 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championships are taking place December 26, 2019 to January 5, 2020 in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Share a positive message of support on Twitter for Team Canada using #EndBullying and tag @TELUS.

By doing so, you could win* a trip to the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship in Edmonton or a signed Max Comtois jersey.

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Meet the newest members of Team #EndBullying

Join Max. Join Team #EndBullying

No child should face online bullying alone. See how former Team Canada captain Maxime Comtois rose above his online abusers with the help of Team #EndBullying.

Cyberbullying takes many forms. So do efforts to take a stand against it. These videos can help educate and inspire you to help #EndBullying.

Join Team #EndBullying to help create a safer world online
, will be kind and respectful online, will not engage in bullying and will stand up if I see it happening.

TELUS Wise #EndBullying resources

For youth & students

Regardless of where you encounter cyberbullying, what is said, or who says it, you can help stop it.

For parents

Worried about your cyberbullying impacting your kids? Our resources can help you educate yourself and give them the support they need.

For educators & coaches

As educators, mentors and role models, you can play a crucial role in helping end cyberbullying. Start by educating yourself, and by creating a climate of respect at school and on the playing field.


Helping you stay safe in a digital world

We’re on a mission to create a safer, friendlier world online through our educational initiatives and innovative support for our communities. When we're all connected for good, we can #EndBullying.


Teaming up to support Canadian youth

Partnering with organizations as diverse as WE and select CFL teams, we’ve developed innovative cyberbullying awareness and prevention programs to help #EndBullying and keep Canadian youth safe online.


Earn your way to WE Day

WE Day season is here and you could help thousands of youth celebrate their impact on local and global efforts to #EndBullying. You could win two WE Day tickets courtesy of TELUS.


Wear your promise to help #EndBullying

We’re supporting youth with educational initiatives to make a safer, friendlier world online. Stand with us and fellow Canadians to help #EndBullying.


Free digital literacy education

TELUS Wise® offers free interactive and informative workshops and resources to help empower Canadians of all ages to have a positive experience online.

Our commitment to education


contributed to educational partners to give youth the tools and technology they need to succeed


TELUS Wise touchpoints with Canadians since 2013


schools and groups that receive TELUS and WE resources to rise above cyberbullying

Inspirational #EndBullying stories


Meaghan bullied her friend. Then she found redemption.

Fifteen percent of Canadian kids have taken part in cyberbullying. Meaghan is one of them and suffered lasting consequences. Watch her plea for more kindness online.


No bandwidth for bullying

TELUS is committed to making the digital world a friendlier world. Stand with us to #EndBullying.


A mother’s mission to #EndBullying

Five years after her daughter Amanda’s suicide, Carol Todd continues to fight against online abuse and spread Amanda's message of kindness and compassion.