Turning passion into giving

Health | April 9, 2015
Kevin and a volunteer in the kitchen

It all started with a simple post. We asked our TELUS Facebook fans how they give back in their communities. We received more than 200 compelling responses from our customers and friends – several in particular caught our eye.

Kevin Curtis, senior manager at a Vancouver advertising intelligence firm and passionate amateur chef, told us how he lends a helping hand by preparing a nutritious, gourmet lunch once a month for 40 to 50 seniors at a local drop-in centre. The facilities at the centre are dated and food budgets are tight.

“Working hard, being busy…that alone will not fulfill you in life. Seeing the joy in others, because of something kind that you did, that’s what fulfills you.”


Community champion

“Most of the folks who visit the centre don’t have a lot of expendable income, nor do they have the ability to enjoy a fine meal on a regular basis,” says Kevin. So Kevin creates unique recipes from scratch, made with high-quality, organic products he purchases at his own cost from local farmers’ markets.

“The seniors deserve to be treated to these memorable dining experiences. They have earned it.”

Touched by Kevin’s passion and kindness we wanted to help him create an elegant dining experience for his guests. One spring day, the seniors were treated to a special dinner, including beautifully decorated tables, live music played by a string quartet and service with a smile from 20 TELUS volunteers.

To ensure Kevin has the tools and resources to continue his good work, TELUS left him and the seniors’ centre a stand-up freezer, other appliances, new dishes and a gift card for $1,000 to use for future lunches at the centre.

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