Stepping up to lend a hand

Health | April 9, 2015
Michelle sitting outside of her home

Michelle grew up watching her parents give back to others despite having little themselves. Having learned a valuable lesson early on, she now does whatever she can to make a difference in her community

As part of our give where we live campaign, we wanted to help customers support causes that matter to them. To do this, we asked our Facebook fans to share how they give back in their communities.

We received more than 200 inspiring responses, with several that truly stood out.

Michelle Reynen, a 33 year-old Surrey, B.C. resident, told us how she helps residents of the mobile home community she manages. Every week, Michelle, who doesn’t drive, takes the bus to the grocery store to stock up on food supplies that she distributes to those in the park who struggle to afford what most of us consider a basic necessity.

“You can either kick someone when they’re down or put your hand out and help them.”


Community hero

“I don’t have a lot, but I try to give where I can, and if it means that I make somebody a meal that wouldn’t be having dinner that night…so be it,” says Michelle.

Inspired and mobilized by Michelle’s selfless generosity, on May 6, 12 TELUS volunteers loaded our vans with more than 15 hampers of food and drove to the mobile home park. TELUS team members spent the morning sorting and packing the food for Michelle to deliver to grateful park residents along with grocery gift cards.

We then surprised Michelle with a barbecue and a deep freezer stocked with several months’ worth of meat and frozen goods, so she could continue to make a difference and help the residents of her community all summer long.

Michelle meeting volunteer
woman hugging Michelle