Giving Oliver a voice

Health | April 9, 2015

Learn about Oliver, a bright and energetic little boy and how help from the Ottawa Community Board to the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre made a world of difference to him and his family.

“Receiving financial gifts from community partners like TELUS enhances our ability to enrich our programming resources, which directly benefits the children and youth we support each and every day.”

Leslie Walker

Principal, OCTC

Oliver is six years old and has cerebral palsy. While his infectious energy and joy for learning know no bounds, his ability to communicate in the traditional sense with his parents, teachers and fellow students has always been limited.

With the help of cutting-edge technology made available through TELUS Community Board funding and the support of the staff at the Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre (OCTC), Oliver is now able to share his feelings, make those around him laugh and ensure his voice is heard.