Empowering teens through the power of music

Health | October 13, 2017

A Canadian musician is helping to prevent teens suffering through depression from resorting to self-harm through his powerful story.

Robb Nash was on the path to becoming a major commercial music success. Instead of pursuing a career with his band Late on Arrival, Nash made an unusual choice by tearing up his record deal and trading concert stages for school gyms. The award-winning Robb Nash Project encourages teens to make positive life choices through the power of music. In 2017, the Robb Nash Project received funding from the Manitoba Community Board to expand its school programming in Manitoba.

Music saved Nash’s life after a horrific car crash with a semi-truck in his teens. For over a year, he quietly suffered from depression after the accident. Once recuperated, Nash felt he had been given a second shot at life and put his energy into creating uplifting music to help troubled youth. To date, the Robb Nash Project has reached over one million students. They’ve received over 683 suicide notes and collected hundreds of razor blades and bottles of prescription drugs – all from students moved by his music through the Robb Nash project.

By creating authentic connections with these teens, Nash’s messages of hope will continue to make a difference in helping these youth succeed.

“When someone's heart starts to fail them, the world around them comes running to help. But when someone's brain starts to fail them, the world runs away. We are trying to change that, because we’re losing some really amazing and talented people to addiction and suicide.”

Robb Nash

Founder of the Robb Nash Project