Empowering our youth to play

Education | April 9, 2015

Getting kids outside is the first step towards the podium.

PacificSport, a network of athletic support and resource centres across B.C., has partnered with the Canadian Sport School to create an enriched sport environment to help student athletes between the ages of 13 and 18 balance the pressures of intensive training while pursuing their academic goals. Based out of Kelowna, this non-profit organization shares our vision for educating and empowering our youth. Through this program, passion for the outdoors, teamwork and sports can be spread throughout the community, with past athletes passing on the skills they have learned. Our mission is to create a youth culture that has a strong independent voice, an outlet and a vision for their future that incorporates their communities and the Canadian Sport School does just that.

“We recognize that there are not always certified or qualified coaches that are willing to coach. So we make sure that the students have access to certified coaches who know what they are talking about and are good at instructing and working with kids”

Kim Whelpton

Our Thompson Okanagan Community Board donated $15,000 to see their hope to improve the lives of 600 children every year become a reality. The intention is to make the program available to anyone, and scholarships are available to those who may require them. All youth in a community should have the same opportunities, and Canadian Sport School strives to make this a reality.

Helping high performance athletes reach their podiums and goals is another aspect of this great initiative. Many student athletes are faced with the challenge of meeting their athletic training requirements while attending high school. Consequently, the school provides the students with a flexible academic timetable that supports their training schedule, as well as providing physiological testing and a development program. It is a program designed to fully support each youth’s athletic aspirations.

It is our youth who will lead us into a new world of athletic achievement. This program gives them the head start they deserve. The coaches are passionate about educating our youth in teamwork, integrity and high-level achievement and passing on their love for sport to the younger members of our community. We are excited by the impact a program like this will have.