Accessibility at TELUS

Accessibility for everyone

We believe accessibility is a must-have, not a nice-to-have.

Accessibility refers to the practice of designing products, services, devices, technologies, buildings and more so that all people can use and interact with them. This covers everything from web content to doorknobs to in-store experiences. At TELUS, accessibility involves providing devices with built-in accessibility features, enabling customers to use mobile phones and services easily. It also means designing our stores and self-service kiosks with accessibility in mind, and ensuring our website meets the latest accessibility standards.

Our commitment to accessibility

Explore our approach to providing the best, and most accessible, experience possible to all customers.

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Our commitment to accessibility

TELUS complies with the standards set out in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission CRTC Wireless Code

The CRTC Code was created to help wireless customers better understand their mobile plan and consumer rights. It also sets out rights for people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing and who have a disability. These include providing versions of important documents in accessible formats, such as braille or large-print bills, as well as a special extended service trial period.

We are committed to providing:

  • products and services that are accessible to all customers
  • customer service policies and processes that respect and promote the dignity and independence of everyone
  • a work environment that treats everyone with dignity and respect

Read the full TELUS Accessibility Policy

What we're doing

Complying with the Wireless Code is just the start. Here are just a few of the practical steps we have taken to put accessibility at the centre of our Customer First approach:


TELUS accessibility policies and standards

Take a look at the plans and policies that underpin our commitment to accessibility:

Extended trial periods and the CRTC Wireless Code of Conduct

All customers with a disability are eligible for an extended trial period of 30 days and double the standard usage limits. We do this to give you the chance to properly test drive the service and phone to make sure it meets your needs.

Text with 911

Text with 911 is a free emergency texting service for deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired customers who need to reach a 911 operator.

Read our Text with 911 Policy