Marketing Development Program

At TELUS, we leverage technology to transform the lives of Canadians. If you're an ambitious risk-taker who's not afraid of change, we want to talk to you.

Calling all future leaders

The Marketing Development Program (MDP) is a unique two-year rotational program designed to develop and equip graduates with the skills to become marketing leaders.

Benefits of being an MDP

  • Gain practical experience on three different marketing teams within the two year Program, with the opportunity to work with various TELUS leaders

  • Tailor your career path with rotations based on career interests, key business priorities, and areas of development to help you grow professionally

  • Get assigned a Director-level mentor to guide you throughout the program

  • Gain the opportunity to apply and land in an area of interest after completing the program

Recruitment cycle

Applications open in August, screening and selection then takes place in September – October of the current year with offers extended by the end of October.

Recruiting activity

Roles posted online and applications open


August 16, 2022

Screening and selection

October 2022

Start working at TELUS

September 5, 2023

Please note that applications will close at midnight local time on September 18, 2023.

Thank you for your interest in the Marketing Development Program.


"The mentorship, growth opportunity, and overall TELUS culture are what attracted me most to apply. I'm excited to begin my journey working alongside great teams and for one of the top employers in Canada."

Eli Boey, 2017 MDP

"The MDP was such a great way to start my career; I really appreciated the opportunity to work on different teams with a strong group of managers, and that experience helped me understand what type of work I wanted to do. I also think what's so unique about the program is the landing experience and the opportunity to really look to the whole company to find the best fit."

Addie Robertson, 2019 MDP 

"The MDP provided me with the opportunity to trial a diverse mix of roles across the organization. It allowed me to both strengthen my existing skillset through exposure to areas of familiarity and broaden my skillset by challenging myself in areas outside of my comfort zone. Ultimately, the MDP put my interests to the test, giving me chance to pursue a career I’m truly passionate about."

Joel Thom, MDP Alum – Marketing Manager

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