Power light is red (Actiontec V1000H/V2000H)

Power light is red

Try the following steps:

  1. If this is happening after a power outage, please allow 5 minutes for the internet light to come on. If there is still no change after 5 minutes, restart your modem.
  2. If restarting your modem does not rectify the issue, factory reset your modem:
    • With a pin or a needle, press the Reset button on the back of the modem for 30 seconds or until the lights turn off on the front

Resetting your modem will remove your customized Wi-Fi network name and password. You will have to reconnect devices to the default network or reset your network name and password.

Note: Restarting or resetting your modem may only provide a temporary fix to your problem, if you find the issue reoccurs contact us in order for us to find and fix the root cause of your problem.

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