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Get exactly what you need in an enterprise-class digital communication solution customized for your business. Ideal for businesses that require integration with third-party systems or have specific infrastructure, storage or security demands, TELUS Dedicated Messaging is a tailored solution built on advanced technology and delivers a seamless experience for all users across all company networks and mobile devices.

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Key features
  • A custom communications platform for businesses with 100 employees or more.
  • Count on complete security, with industry best practices and cutting-edge technology.
  • Specify the level of support that best meets the needs of your organization.

Features & Benefits

Get a custom fit

TELUS fully designs and manages your solution with your organization’s needs and existing in-house software and technology in mind.

Centrally manage users and resources

With a secure link back to the TELUS Data Centre, your organization can be connected to your dedicated hosted solution and centralize user and resource management.

Integrate with third-party applications

Integrate your solution with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other applications, as well as build branded interfaces and more.

Work with your existing phone system

Unified messaging and integration with your business phone systems are available as options.

Customize storage and journaling

You choose the required disk space for each application, retention time, journaling, and anything else your organization requires.

Save on licenses

TELUS offers excellent prices through our high-volume agreements with Microsoft and other providers.

Choose the support level you need

Specify your support requirements, such as minimum guaranteed uptime, mean time to repair, and performance.

Count on disaster recovery

Get always-on service with disaster recovery, guaranteed service availability, and 24x7 monitoring.

Need a hand?

Have a question or ready to order? We aim to respond within two business days.

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