TELUS Call Display+ explained

Learn how to use TELUS Call Display+

TELUS Call Display+

TELUS Call Display+ shows the name and number of present and past callers even if the caller is not on your list of contacts. The caller's information is displayed on the screen of your smartphone as your phone is notifying you of an incoming call. You don’t have to subscribe to receive the service. It is available to all TELUS customers with a compatible mobile phone.

Note: Caller name will only be displayed if the service is also provided by the caller’s network.

Calls marked as “Private,” “Unknown,” “Anonymous,” etc.

The caller is likely using the "Anonymous Caller ID" service that masks their caller information. You are provided with the option to answer the call or to send the caller to voicemail.

Identify incoming calls while you're already on a call

Visual Call Waiting removes the mystery of the “beep” and displays the name and number of the incoming caller while you’re on the phone. It is available at no additional charge if you already receive the TELUS Call Display+ and Call Waiting services.

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