Set up TELUS email on your computer using Outlook 2010

Access your email account through Outlook 2010

To support this application, you need to complete the steps in the less secure applications (LSA) set-up. For more information, visit the support page on Less secure apps.

In the Gmail web interface

  1. Right-click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Settings
  2. From the top menu select Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. To use IMAP (recommended method):
    • In that menu under IMAP access, select Enable IMAP
    • Select Save changes

In Outlook 2010

  1. From your desktop, select Start
  2. From the Start menu, select Microsoft Office Outlook
  3. From the top taskbar , select File
  4. From the left pane , select Info
  5. Select +Add Account. The Add New Account window is displayed
  6. Select Manually configure server settings or additional server types
  7. Select Next
  8. Select Internet E-mail
  9. Select Next
  10. Type the following information:
    • Your name: The name that will be displayed to recipients of emails you send
    • E-mail address: Your email address
    • Account type: Select IMAP
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Requires SSL: Yes
    • Port: 993
    • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
    • Requires SSL: Yes
    • Requires TLS: Yes (if avaliable)
    • Requires authentication: Yes
    • Port for SSL: 465
    • Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
  11. Check the Remember password check box
    • Password: Your email account password
    • Note: If you’ve forgotten your email password, call us at 1-888-811-2323. Our agents will help you reset your password
  12. Full name or display name: Your name
  13. Account name, user name, or email address: Your full email address
  14. Password: Your password
  15. Select OK
  16. Select Next
  17. Select Finish

Your email account is set up for use with Microsoft Office Outlook 2010.

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