My TV has no video

Red X

Red X with 1, 9, or 10

Please contact us.

Red X with no number or number other than 1, 9 or 10

  1. Check that the cables have not moved or loosened
    • Confirm both ends of all cables are firmly plugged in:
      • Power to the wall
      • Ethernet / coax cable to the modem or the wall
      • HDMI / Component to the TV
  2. Locate your TELUS modem and reboot it
  3. Ensure you see a flashing Internet light before proceeding
    • Note: If you have a wireless access point, reboot it hello
  4. Reboot your PVR (even if it is not the device experiencing the red x)
    • Proceed only once you are able to watch the PVR
  5. Reboot the affected digital box

Note: Restarting or resetting your equipment may only provide a temporary fix to your problem. If you find the issue reoccurs contact us in order for us to identify and fix the root cause of your problem.

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