Transfer Shaw email to TELUS email

These instructions will help you transfer your Shaw emails to TELUS Webmail

TELUS is migrating all customers to an upgraded email platform. We are partnering with Google to make your email more reliable, secure and powerful. To continue accessing your email, you will need to schedule your upgrade to the new platform.

To schedule your migration to the new email powered by Google visit or call 1-800-361-3311.

If you do not remember your password or need to reset your password: Please click on this link for instructions and then come back to

These instructions will help you transfer your Shaw emails to TELUS Webmail. Make sure that your Shaw email is be active before you begin. If your Shaw email has been deactivated, please contact Shaw before following these steps.

  1. Login to TELUS Webmail
  2. Navigate to Preferences and head to Accounts within Webmail
  3. Click Add External Account
  4. Enter the email address of the external account and add a name in the Account Name text box to identify the account (i.e. old account) in the External Account Settings section
  5. Select IMAP or POP for type of account
  6. Enter the username associated with this email account in the Username of Account field. Use the same username you type in to login to the external account
  7. Enter the name for the external account server in the Email server box
  8. Enter your password in the Password field. You can select Show Password to ensure you have entered in the correct password
  9. If the old account uses SSL encryption, go to Advanced Settings and enable “Use an encrypted connection (SSL) when accessing this server”.
  10. Ensure the ports match what the other provider uses
  11. Click Test Settings to verify the information
  12. Select what folder to download the messages
  13. Click “ Delete messages on the server after downloading them ” to delete messages from the other email
  14. Type the name to appear in the From field of your outgoing messages (for example, John). This is what others will see when you email them Note: To direct replies to email messages from this persona to a name and address different from the one you configured in From:

a. Select Set the “Reply-to” field of email messages to

b. Enter the name in the text box and select the email from the dropdown
15. (Optional) To associate a signature with the persona, click Manage your Signatures
16. Click Save

Note: Messages from your external account are not automatically received in TELUS Webmail. Click the Refresh icon on the toolbar to get the latest messages.

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