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Product highlights

Make sense of complex pricing and cost structures

Gain real-time visibility into transaction data

Maintain margins with the ability to add profit or cover costs

Better allocate labour expenses

Improve inventory allocation by providing sales teams better access to information

Access to product costing, yield management and scheduling

Key Features

  • Boost resource performance and optimization

    Improve your processes with industry standard best practices to reallocate head count and increase productivity.

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  • Demand forecasting

    Gain access to current and historical sales demand for a more holistic view of the needs of your company.

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  • Deals and rebates

    Eliminate non-integrated third-party systems while increasing marketing revenue and reducing claims and deal maintenance costs.

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  • Extensive choice to fit your needs

    Purpose-built CRM components to best serve the sales team and the customer.

  • Pricing flexibility

    Calculate costs, pads and pricing at the customer/item combination to better reflect costs and boost sheltered income.

  • Multi-warehouse and multi-currency

    Provide a solution no matter how big or small your organization is and how many companies or warehouses you may have.

  • True business impact

    Grow sales and reduce inventory while improving efficiency throughout the business by leveraging advanced automation and accurate, real-time information.

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