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Meet the team: Jennifer Roberts

September 24, 2021

Jennifer Roberts joined Exceedra in 2016 and is now the global head of customer marketing for TELUS Agriculture’s food, beverage and consumer goods team.

Appropriately enough, she is an avid traveller and restaurant diner. In her spare time, Jen enjoys exercising, including home workouts, spinning, and boxing. Prior to the pandemic she and a few teammates even trained with a professional boxer and coach in London, England once a week.

What is your role?

I’m responsible for helping the organization grow through lead generation, by contributing to the sales pipeline and helping to win new customers. I work with the brand and digital marketing team to ensure our messaging is clearly translated to our different audience groups, so each understands the benefits of working with the food, beverage and consumer goods team at TELUS Agriculture.

What drew you to this business?

Initially, with Exceedra, I was excited by the opportunity to work with well-known consumer goods brands that I knew and loved. I also enjoy travelling so I was excited to work with a company that had a large global footprint. When we were acquired by TELUS Agriculture, what hit me was how strongly the team believes in the TELUS Agriculture vision and mission. The company has a strong social purpose, supporting a lot of charities and local organizations. TELUS really is committed to making the world a better place and giving back to the community.

What inspires you to come to work every day? Firstly, I feel challenged in my job on a weekly, if not daily, basis. It’s interesting and exciting to be learning every day. This work environment is constantly changing and moving forward which has helped me grow massively.

Secondly, I feel supported. My peers and I get along very well. I also speak to my team regularly and change things up a lot, as working from home during these times can be challenging. Even when we can’t be together, we try to have fun. For example, we once did presentations and quizzes about the different places we live (London, UK, Tampa and Boston, USA, and Perth, Australia), but instead of sharing the usual facts and figures, we talked about things like local slang and events. (Did you know that cheese-rolling contests are a thing in the UK?).

What advice would you offer to teammates just starting their careers?

The thing that’s helped me most is finding mentors inside and outside the company. Getting opinions from people you trust and admire can help you make sure you’re going down the right track.

I also think it is important to learn to have difficult conversations. This was not easy for me as it’s not my nature. But once you learn how to stand up for yourself, make your point, and make clear what you want to accomplish, you not only earn more respect, but you feel better because you’re not holding it in.

Finally, I’d also say, you’re the only one who can hold you back, so take every opportunity. Work hard. Learn. And listen. Listening is essential to development.

What do you want people to know about TELUS Agriculture?

Our leadership team is extremely passionate about what we’re doing. It’s not only about helping clients and being profitable, it’s about connecting the value chain and making food more sustainable and safe for consumers. We have the greater good in our interests, which is good for everybody, because everybody has to eat, right?

Since we’re talking about the food industry, do you have a favourite food? My favourites are Italian food or seafood – or both. There is a restaurant here in London, Artisans of Sardinia. The owner makes his own wine in Sardinia, and they have amazing fresh fish. They change the menu regularly but I particularly loved the citrus seafood risotto.