TELUS Security


Anti-Virus protection is an important part of TELUS security services that provides constant security updates to help keep your operating system healthy and free from infection. It is automatically updated to ensure that you are protected against the latest threats. This is very important as new viruses can spread across the Internet in a matter of hours.

How it works

TELUS Anti-Virus gives you multi-layer protection from hundreds of thousands of known viruses, worms and Trojan horses. When real-time virus protection is enabled, the service runs transparently in the background to continuously protect your computer.

When you open a file the service inspects it for viruses. If a virus is found, the service will stop the virus before it can infect other files on your computer. By default, the Anti-Virus disinfects infected files by removing the virus but leaving the host file intact. However, if it cannot be removed cleanly, the file hosting the virus is deleted.

Features include:

  • Memory check at startup
    When TELUS Anti-Virus starts up, it checks your computer's memory for active viruses. Any virus programs found are terminated.

  • Scheduled, In-depth computer scans
    Regular scanning of your hard drives regularly helps ensure that your computer is virus free.

  • Frequent virus definition updates
    TELUS Anti-Virus is regularly updated with the latest virus definitions, providing up-to-date protection.

  • Heuristics
    TELUS Anti-Virus also uses heuristics technology to detect viruses. Heuristics technology works like a virtual virology lab, identifying and preventing next generation viruses from infiltrating your computer.

  • Scanning of incoming emails and attachments
    TELUS Anti-Virus scans incoming POP3 emails and attachments. If a virus is found, the text of the message is replaced by information about the virus and all the attachments are deleted.

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