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Enjoy extraordinary reach with our extended coverage

Now you can stay connected in more places at no extra cost. With voice and text ready to go, simply enable data roaming on your device and you’re all set for emails and web browsing.

Stay connected in more places

Great news! Enjoy network coverage across Manitoba thanks to our extended coverage:

Who is it for?

Extended coverage is for TELUS postpaid customers with HSPA/LTE devices. Your primary residence and billing address must be within TELUS’ own HSPA+/LTE network coverage areas when you buy or use TELUS’ services.

How is it different?

When you travel into extended coverage areas, your call or data session will disconnect. Once your device shows “EXT” or a roaming indicator instead of “TELUS”, you can re-establish your call or data session. When travelling back, your voice or data experience will not be interrupted.

To use data, please ensure data roaming is turned on in your device settings. Remember to turn off your data roaming if it’s not required when you leave the country.

When in EXT, you’ll experience lower data transmission speeds than TELUS’ own HSPA+/LTE network, resulting in longer load times for video streaming applications and file downloads. Certain applications (such as Business Connect and TELUS Link Push-to-Talk service) are unavailable.

What should I know about usage?

Usage in the extended coverage areas, including long distance, is billed as part of your current plan, and will show as regular usage on your invoice. Use of extended coverage each month is limited to half of your total monthly usage (voice, text and data respectively). If this amount is exceeded, your access to the extended coverage may be turned off.

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