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Frequently asked questions

How does TELUS Satellite TV® work?

TV signals are sent to your home from satellites in space. The satellite dish receives these signals and sends them to your receiver which then displays the programming on your TV.

How many channels can I receive on TELUS Satellite TV?

TELUS Satellite TV offers over 500 digital channels including over 100 HD channels.

Are all TELUS Satellite TV channels digital?

Yes, all channels on TELUS Satellite TV are delivered in a digital format.

Do I need to purchase any new equipment to receive TELUS Satellite TV?

A receiver is needed for each TV you wish to receive TELUS Satellite TV service on. You have the option to either rent or purchase your receiver; both include all of the necessary cables to receive TELUS Satellite TV.

I live in an apartment, am I able to get TELUS Satellite TV?

TELUS currently doesn't offer TELUS Satellite TV service in apartment buildings. Townhouses are eligible for service. Many apartment buildings can get TELUS TV. Find out if your address qualifies.

How many TVs can I get TELUS Satellite TV on?

TELUS Satellite TV can support up to 6 TVs per account. Each TV will need its own receiver.

Will I be able to watch digital TV on my existing TV?

TELUS Satellite TV receivers have RCA, S-Video, Component and HDMI outputs. If your TV has one or more of these inputs, you will be able to enjoy digital TV on your existing TV. However if your TV only has a coaxial input, you will need an RF remodulator to convert the signal from your TELUS Satellite TV receiver to a coaxial output for your TV.

What is High Definition (HD) and how can I get it?

High Definition (HD) TV delivers the best picture and the best viewing experience. You will see more detail and enjoy a sharper, clearer and more vibrant picture than you would with standard definition TV. Watch your favourite shows in true widescreen and see 45% more of the picture compared to standard definition. Plus, enjoy rich, resonant sound through 5.1 Dolby® Digital surround sound. To experience HD you will need an HD TV, HD receiver and a subscription to HD channels. Your TELUS receiver is HD ready and HD channels are included in all TELUS Satellite TV packages so if you have an HD TV you are ready to enjoy the HD TV experience.

How do I order or change my programming selection?

You can order or change your programming anytime by calling 310-MYTV (6988). Or you can visit our Channels on Demand service by tuning to channel 275 where you will be able to choose from a selection of different programming right from your TV.

Can I purchase or rent additional boxes?

You can rent or purchase a maximum of 6 receivers per account.

Which direction does the satellite dish need to point?

In Western Canada, your dish should point southeast with a clear line-of-sight.

Can I install my TELUS Satellite TV service myself?

No. Your service can only be activated by a certified TELUS installer when they set up the equipment. For your safety and to avoid property damage, please wait for the installer. To set up an installation appointment call 310-MYTV.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the installation?

Please be home at the appointed time. The installer will bring everything that is required; including your digital receiver(s). The person who is responsible for the account must review and agree to the Terms of service prior to the installation. If you rent your home or live in a property managed by strata, it is your responsibility to ensure that the satellite dish installation is allowed by your landlord or strata.

Will plugging in my satellite TV receiver interrupt my phone or internet?

No, however you can't order PPV events through your receiver if your home phone is in use.

For further assistance, please call TELUS TV Technical Support at 310-MYTV (6988).

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