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Game on

Invite your friends and family over for a blockbuster film or live PPV event and give everyone a front row seat to all the drama and action. From great movies to live sports, like NHL® games and UFC® events, TELUS Pay Per View offers entertainment for everyone.

You only pay for the sports games and events you choose to watch. You can even record a purchased PPV event on your TELUS PVR. Replays are also available for selected events.

Pay Per View channel categories

Channel Category
155-160 French Vu! HD Movies
162-179 French Vu! Movies
317, 338-349 Red Carpet Vu! (English Movies)
316-324, 481, 829-837 English Vu! HD Movies
350 Free Vu! PPV Movie Trailers
351-385 English Vu! Movies
391-397 U.S. College Sport (to be renamed)
403, 414 English Vu! Events
425-435 PPV NHL Centre Ice Hockey Package
436-439 PPV Regional Hockey Package
440-444 PPV Nascar HotPass Package
450-464 PPV NFL Sunday Ticket Package
485, 487 PPV MLB Package
561 Kids Vu! Movies
746 BluVu Adult
747 Venus (Adult) Games
742 Venus (Adult) Info
748 Venus (Adult) Unlocked
749 Venus (Adult) Preview
759-761 Venus (Adult) French Movies
762 Venus (Adult) All Males
999 3D PPV (every Tuesday 6pm till midnight)

What's on

To view upcoming PPV events, visit our online program guide.

Ordering a PPV event with your remote

Order a PPV event right from the onscreen Interactive Programming Guide.

  1. Ensure your home phone is connected to your receiver.
  2. On the remote, press the Guide button.
  3. Navigate to the event or movie you want to order and press the Select button.
  4. Use the arrow buttons to highlight Order and press the Select button.
  5. Highlight Yes to confirm you want to buy the program and press the Select button.

Once you confirm an order, you're automatically billed for it, so make sure it's the program you want before pressing the Select button.

Ordering a PPV event online or by phone

If you want to watch an event on all of your receivers, order it online or by phone - you won't be charged twice for the same event.

To order, you'll need the five-digit event ID. To find it, highlight your desired event and press the INFO button on your remote.

When ordering, you might be prompted for your PIN; if you've forgotten it, call 310-MYTV (6988).

  • To order by phone, call 1-866-68-ORDER (67337).
  • Order online (Select the PPV event you want to watch, then enter your phone number and 4-digit PIN)

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