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Hearing carry over

If you can hear, but must use a TTY to type what you need to say, you may request Hearing Carry Over (HCO). HCO allows you to hear what the other party is saying while TELUS Relay agent speaks for you by reading what you type to the other person.

Placing a HCO call

  1. Dial 711 and ensure that the handset of the telephone is inserted into the TTY handset receptacle.
  2. When the TELUS Relay agent answers, TELUS RELAY SERVICES will appear, along with the agent's name & agent number, followed by GA (for Go Ahead).
    Please note that you will be communicating via only text until the agent gets the person you are calling on the line.
  3. Type HCO ON PLEASE followed by GA. The TELUS Relay agent will update you on the status of the call (ringing, busy, and who has answered) by typing to you.
  4. When the agent has the person you have called on the line, the agent will type (name) IS ON THE LINE, HCO IS ON GA.
  5. When you see the GA you can begin typing. The agent will read your text to the person you have called.
    Remember to type GA (for Go Ahead) when you are done.
  6. Lift the telephone handset off the TTY and listen to the other person's spoken response. When they say GO AHEAD, place the handset back down on the TTY and type your response.
  7. Type GA to SK (stop keying) when you are ready to end the call.

Receiving a HCO call

  1. Answer the call (identified as TELUS RELAY SERVICES on your call display).
  2. Immediately place the handset on your TTY, type your greeting and HCO ON PLEASE, followed by GA.
  3. The TELUS Relay agent will type who they have on the line to speak with you and also type HCO ON GA.
    Note: You will be communicating only via text until the TELUS Relay agent initiates HCO.
  4. Type your response, followed by GA. Lift the handset off the TTY and listen to what is said. When you hear the caller say "Go Ahead", place the handset back on the TTY and type your response.
  5. Type GA to SK (stop keying) when you are ready to end the call.

Note: because a VCO telephone cannot be used to receive text and to speak at the same time, the correct use of 'GO AHEAD' is necessary for successful turn taking.