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Calling features

TELUS offers a variety of calling features such call Display and TELUS Voice Mail with Web access designed to help you manage your calls more easily and efficiently.

Popular calling features include:

  • Call Display: Displays the names and numbers of callers. If you are a TELUS TV subscriber, the name and telephone number of the calling party will also display on your TV screen while you are watching TELUS TV.
  • Caller Reveal: If you have Call Display, Caller Reveal will prompt PRIVATE or UNKNOWN callers to either unblock their number or enter their 10 digit telephone number for display.
  • Visual Call Waiting: Alerts you to incoming calls when you're on the phone.
  • Voice Mail: Takes messages when you don't answer. TELUS Enhanced Voice Mail provides web access which allows you to view a log of your calls and also establish and maintain schedules. TELUS Relay Agents will assist in retrieving messages from your voice mail.
  • Call Screen: Intercepts calls from pre-selected numbers and routes them to a standard recording.

These and other calling features like Call Forwarding, Anonymous Caller ID and Per Call Blocking are available in most areas.

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