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Alternative billing formats

TELUS will provide to subscribers, upon request, billing statements and bill inserts informing them about new services or changes in rates for existing services, in Braille, large print, or computer diskette.

Electronic billing (e.Bill)

If you have TELUS Internet you can sign up for TELUS e.Bill to view your bill on-line.

With TELUS e.Bill you'll enjoy:

  • The ability to download and store your bill.
  • Secure online anytime access to your TELUS account.
  • Immediate notification of your monthly bill via email.
  • Access to up to 3 months of past statements.
  • Convenient pre-authorized payment options.
  • No messy files or paper clutter.
  • No additional costs - e.Bill is a free service.
  • The ability to increase the font size on your computer screen.

Learn more about e.Bill

Large print, braille or computer diskette

Visually impaired TELUS clients can choose the following alternate bill formats:

Large print

TELUS bill and bill inserts are printed on 11' x 17' paper as well as on regular sized paper. The enlarged bill cannot be used for payments at a bank or financial institution.


TELUS bill and bill inserts are translated into grade 1 Braille.

Computer diskette

Clients who have 'Text to Voice' software on their personal computers can request that their bills be sent to them on computer diskettes.

How to receive your TELUS bill in alternate formats

To apply for any of these alternate bill formats, please complete the special needs application form.