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The following amendments to the Service Terms come into effect on October 25, 2009.

  1. Section 3 of the Agreement is deleted and replaced with the following:

    All bills are due upon receipt.  Bills made available through the Internet are received when they are posted. Charges not paid before the end of the grace period shown on the Customer's bill are assessed a late payment charge of 2% per month (26.82% per year), calculated from the billing date for those charges, which the Customer must pay in addition to all other amounts owing to TELUS. Administrative and collection charges may apply, in accordance with TELUS rules and policies, if the Customer's account goes into arrears, including as a result of returned or rejected payments or the Customer's failure to inform TELUS of any change to the Customer's account information for pre-authorized payments. If the Customer subscribes to a pre-authorized payment method, the Customer waives pre-notification of the amounts and dates of debits from the Customer's account. TELUS may require the Customer to make interim payments for non-recurring charges the Customer has incurred in the period between two monthly bills, for such Services as are identified to the Customer with the demand for payment. The grace period for the payment of charges so identified expires three days after you receive the demand for payment.

  2. Section 8 of the Agreement is amended by inserting the word "the" immediately before the first and forth appearances of the word "Customer".

  3. Section 10 of the Agreement is amended as follows:

    • by replacing the words "is entitled to claim" in the last sentence with the word "claims"; and
    • by adding the words "claims based on" immediately before the colon appearing in the last sentence.
  4. Section 12 of the Agreement is deleted and replaced with the following:

    Pricing, discount rates and calling exchange availability are subject to change without notice to the Customer. TELUS reserves the right to amend any other term of this Agreement at any time by giving 30 days notice.  TELUS will notify you of amendments to this Agreement by posting notice of the amendment at telus.com/longdistance (the "Service Web Site"), or by sending you notice on your monthly bill or email bill notice that this Agreement has been amended, directing to where the amendment may be consulted. If you have access to the Internet, it is your responsibility to go to the Service Web Site at least every month in order to become aware of any amendments posted on the site, and you agree to consult any amendments notified to you in accordance with the directions received on your monthly bill or email bill notice. You are not obliged to continue using the Services after an amendment to this Agreement is made; however, in the event you choose not to accept the changes, your sole remedy is to cancel the Services, effective at the end of your current billing period.  Your continued use of the Services following any amendment shall be deemed to be your acceptance of the amended Agreement, waiver of any additional notice requirements and agreement to pay for the Services in accordance with the amended Agreement.

  5. Section 13 of the Agreement is amended by deleting the last sentence and replacing it with the following:

    Express consent may be taken to be given by the Customer where the Customer provides written consent, oral confirmation verified by an independent third party, electronic confirmation through the use of a toll-free number, electronic confirmation via the Internet, oral consent where an audio recording of the consent is retained by TELUS, or consent through other methods, as long as an objective documented record of the Customer consent is created by the Customer or by an independent third party. TELUS may also release to a law enforcement agency, in accordance with the terms of a tariff approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the identity of the service provider, the Customer name and service address associated with a specific telephone number

  6. Section 14 of the Agreement is deleted and replaced with the following:

    The federal laws and regulations of Canada, and applicable provincial laws and regulations, govern this Agreement. You may not assign or transfer this Agreement without TELUS' prior written consent. If any provision of this Agreement is prohibited or unenforceable in certain circumstances, the remaining terms of this Agreement shall apply and be construed in those circumstances as if such provision had never been written. The failure of TELUS to require or enforce strict performance of any provision of this Agreement in a particular instance shall not be construed, in other circumstances, as a waiver of any right conferred upon TELUS.

The following amendments to the Service Terms come into effect on September 1, 2013.

  • TELUS may, in its sole discretion, immediately suspend or terminate the Customer's use of Services:

    • if the Customer is in default of any material term of this Agreement, including the obligation to pay charges;
    • if the Customer is in default of any other term of this Agreement, and such default continues for a period of fifteen (15) days after written notice to the Customer;
    • if the Customer becomes bankrupt or insolvent or, if the Customer is a company, it has a receiver or receiver-manager appointed to govern its affairs; or
    • for any reason, upon 30 days written notice to you.
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