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Satellite TV troubleshooting

When a button on the remote is pressed, the receiver doesn't do what it should

  • Ensure the batteries are inserted correctly and have power.
  • Check that you're controlling the right device by pressing the corresponding mode button.
  • For PVR users, make sure that the UHF antenna is correctly attached to your receiver.

Your PVR UHF Pro remote control does not work well from far away

  • Make sure the UHF antenna is connected to your receiver and not touching anything else.
  • Vary the tilt angle of your UHF antenna. Place tip away from other electronics equipment or metal surfaces, even if separated by wooden shelving.
  • Move your receiver to a different location. For best results, place the receiver as high as possible, above all other equipment in your entertainment centre.
  • Place the UHF antenna outside your entertainment centre by using a coaxial cable to connect it to the receiver.

The power light on the receiver is on and there's a picture on the TV but no sound

  • Check the volume level on your TV or audio equipment.
  • Turn off mute or turn up volume as required.
  • Check the audio connectors and cables from the receiver to your TV or sound system.
  • Check your TV or sound system speakers.

You are hearing a foreign language with program

  1. Press the menu button.
  2. Select preferences.
  3. Select alternate audio and choose your prefered language.
  4. Select done to save your changes.

Onscreen Call Display isn't working

  • Check that you've subscribed to Call Display on your home phone.
  • Check that you've connected the phone line to the phone jack on the back of the receiver.
  • Check that you've enabled the Caller ID option within your system set-up.

If you still have difficulties then reboot the receiver and try again.

The power light on the receiver's on but the TV image is black (no picture), frozen, has breakups, has snow or shows small squares of various colours

  • Make sure your TV is plugged in.
  • Check your TV is turned on and tuned to the correct input.
  • Ensure your TV's brightness and contrast are adjusted correctly.
  • Make sure your TV is connected properly to the receiver.
  • Heavy rain, snow or cloud cover may be interfering with your transmission. Remove any snow or other debris which may have collected around your satellite dish.
  • If you’ve checked all of the above reboot the receiver.

A black box fills almost all of the TV screen

Use your TV's remote (not your receiver's remote or menus) to de-activate the closed captioning feature.

The onscreen guide or browse banner is not displaying programs in the future

Try the onscreen guide again at a later time. It may then be able to show programs for the time and date you want.

Some channels are missing on the onscreen guide or browse banner

  • Change between lists using the Guide button on your remote. You can choose from custom favourites, All Chan, All HD or All Sub lists.
  • Unlock your receiver (using a PIN) to display adult channels.


A timer for a program that is repeated, like a regularly scheduled program, does not work when the program comes on

If you've selected Once as the timer frequency it will only work once. A Monday to Friday event timer works Monday through Friday on the same channel at the same time. A daily event timer works every day. A weekly event timer works once a week on the same channel at the same time every week.

You cannot access channels that you subscribe to

You may be in a favourites list that does not contain these channels, press the guide button to switch between favourites lists.
If you are still unable to access these channels, try reseting your receiver. Or you may need to reset your receiver. If still unavailable call 310-MYTV (6988) for receiver synchronization.

The receiver does not recognize the external hard drive

  • Check to make sure your external hard drive is connected to the receiver.
  • Check to make sure the external hard drive power is plugged in.
  • Ensure the external hard drive meets the minimum recommended specifications.

The external hard drive won't turn on

  • Check to make sure your external hard drive is connected to the receiver.
  • Check to make sure the external hard drive power is plugged in

Someone orders a Pay Per View event without permission

You can lock your receiver to prevent unauthorized Pay Per View purchases. For full instructions, please see the full TELUS Satellite TV user guide online.

Unable to order a Pay Per View event from the receiver

  • Check that your receiver is connected to your home phone.
  • Error #890? Use an analogue connection (component) to connect the receiver to the TV and view the HD content.