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Wireless home network troubleshooting

  • I can't connect to my TELUS wireless home network

    Step 1: Reboot your wireless gateway and computers

    1. Shut down and turn off both your wireless gateway and computer for 10 seconds.
    2. Restart both the computer and wireless gateway, ensuring that the wireless gateway has power.
    3. Try your connection again.

    Step 2: Check the range and placement of your wireless gateway

    Designed to range up to 100 metres indoors and up to 300 metres outdoors, a wireless connection allows you to access your network from virtually anywhere. However, the number of walls, ceilings, or other objects that the wireless signal must pass through can limit signal range.

    Figure 2 - A Home network with one wireless computer

    Position the device within 100 metres of the wireless gateway with as few obstacles as possible. The wireless gateway can be placed on a shelf or desktop where you can see the LED indicators on the front if you need to view them for troubleshooting.

    Use these basic guidelines:

    1. Walls and ceilings make a difference.
      The signal emitted from wireless devices can penetrate through ceilings and walls. However, each wall or ceiling can reduce the range of a wireless device from 1 to 30M. Position your wireless devices so that the number of walls or ceilings obstructing the signal path is minimized.
    2. Building materials make a difference.
      Buildings constructed using metal framing or doors can reduce effective range of the device. If possible, position wireless devices so their signal can pass through drywall or open doorways, avoid positioning them so that their signal must pass through metallic materials. Poured concrete walls are reinforced with steel while cinderblock walls generally have little or no structural steel.
    3. Position the antennae for best reception.
      Play around with the antenna position to see if signal strength improves. Some wireless devices allow the user to judge the strength of the signal.
    4. Keep your wireless devices away (at least 1-2 metres) from electrical devices.
      Position wireless devices away from electrical devices that generate RF noise such as microwave ovens, monitors, electric motors, etc.

    Step 3: Check computer configuration

    1. Ensure your computer is properly configured. To check your computers' network settings refer to the following:

    Step 4: Check your wireless settings configuration

    1. To configure the wireless Ethernet adapter on your computer you will need to run the connection manager for that specific device. For instructions on how to do so please click on your version of wireless connection manager below:
    2. Ensure the settings in your connection manager match the configuration of your wireless gateway.
    3. From the primary computer's desktop or in Documents (Vista) or My documents(XP) open the file call TELUS_Wireless_Settings.html.
      1. This document includes the following information necessary to configure your wireless Ethernet adapter:
        • SSID
        • network security key
      2. If you don't have this file located on your primary computer, please click here to configure your wireless settings.

    Step 5: Check for hardware conflicts (Windows only)

    1. Click the Start button.
    2. Choose Settings.
    3. Click Control Panel.
    4. Double-click System.
      NOTE: If you're using Windows XP Category View, click Performance and Maintenance then click System.
    5. Open the Device Manager.
      If you're using Windows 2000/XP/Vista click the Hardware tab, then the Device Manager button.
    6. Look through the list of hardware for any exclamation or question marks.
    7. If you find no markings, close the window.
    8. If you find either an exclamation or question mark, please contact your local computer dealer to have the conflict resolved.

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