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Wireless gateway setup - D Link DVA G3810BN

  • D Link DVA G3810BN setup

    Your TELUS wireless gateway lets you connect devices wirelessly, creating your own wireless home network.

    For your security, your wireless gateway needs to be configured with a wireless network name (SSID) and a network security key. Please write this information down, as you will need to select your wireless network name and enter in your network security key every time you want to access your wireless home network.

    step 1 Using the computer you connected to the wireless gateway, open your Internet browser (Example: Internet Explorer) and enter
    step 2

    At the login page enter in username and password and click OK
    Username: admin
    Password: telus

    step 3

    Select the Local Network tab

    step 4 Click on Wireless sub tab
    step 5 On the Wireless page, choose the following settings:
    • Enable Wireless: Should be "enabled"
    • Wireless Network name: Enter a name for your network. You will need this name to connect to your wireless home network.
    • 802.11 Mode: Should be 802.11b/g Mixed
    • Security: Should be Password Protected WEP
    • Pre-Shared Key: Enter 13 digit network security key. Please write down this key and keep it in a safe place for future reference.
    step 6 Click on Logout to complete the wireless configuration of your D-link DVA G3810BN wireless gateway
  • Configure your primary or additional computers