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Security FAQ

How do I download and install TELUS Security Services?

Watch this tutorial to resolve this issue.

How do I activate my TELUS security services features?

Once you have successfully installed the TELUS security services software, you will be prompted to enter your TELUS High Speed username and password to activate the TELUS security services. For installation instructions, please refer to Download and installation instructions available online.

What is my TELUS security services username and password?

You have two different types of passwords:

  1. Your TELUS security services Login username and password

    This is provided to you when you sign up for TELUS security services. Use this username to activate the security software after the installation wizard process. If you forgot the username and password, you can watch the How to Video and learn how to reset your security login username and password.

  2. Your TELUS security service software username and password
    Your password is required when accessing the following TELUS security services:
    • Parental Controls
    • Privacy Manager

The password protects you from any unauthorized changes made to the settings. User will be prompted to create a password when accessing these services for the first time.

If you have forgotten your administrator password, please call us at 310-4NET or Chat with an agent now.

How do I make TELUS security services software work on my home network?

TELUS security services can be used for up to five computers in the same household - ideal for home networks. Download and activate TELUS security services software on each PC separately. Your TELUS wireless gateway acts as a hardware firewall. The software firewall in the TELUS security services provides an extra layer of protection.

Why does TELUS security services not accept my username and password?

Ensure that you use the TELUS security services usernames and passwords.

  • Ensure that you correctly typed your TELUS security services username and password in the user interface.
  • Ensure that your TELUS security services subscription is still active with TELUS. Visit your account to confirm.
  • Reload TELUS security services software
  • For additional help, please call us at 310-4NET or Chat with an agent now.