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Calling features help

Select a calling feature from the list below for more information on how to use it.

Refer to our star commands user guide for quick access to info on star (*) commands.

Calling feature

What it does

3 Way Calling Lets you add a third party to your existing call.
Anonymous Caller ID Prompts anonymous callers to unblock their phone number or say their name.
Call Director Lets you decide how to handle incoming calls when you're already on the phone.
Call Display Displays the names and numbers of incoming calls.
Caller Reveal If you have Call Display, Caller Reveal will prompt PRIVATE or UNKNOWN callers to either unblock their number or enter their 10 digit telephone number for display.
Call Forwarding
Forwards your calls to any number you choose.
Call Gate Lets you restrict outbound calls.
Call Return Lets you find out the last number that called your line or monitor a busy line so you can get through when it's free.
Call Screen Intercepts calls from preselected numbers and routes them to a standard recording.
Call Trace Allows you to immediately activate a trace of the last incoming call in the event of threatening, harassing, or obscene phone calls.
Call Waiting Alerts you to incoming calls when you're on the phone.
Do Not Disturb® Prevents unauthorized calls from ringing your phone.
Internet Call Director Lets you manage incoming calls from your computer.
Per Call Blocking Prevents your name and number from being displayed when you call someone who has Call Display.
Smart Ring® Gives you a second phone no. on your existing line. Each number has a distinctive ring so you know who the call is meant for.
Talking Call Waiting Hear the names of incoming callers when you're on the phone.
Visual Call Waiting Shows you the names and numbers of incoming callers when you're on the phone.
Voice Mail Takes messages from callers whether you're on the phone or away from it. Loaded with great features to manage your messages, including Web access to your mailbox.