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Manage your Internet usage

To better understand the monthly allotment of uploaded and downloaded data included with your High Speed Internet plan, refer to the table below.

If your plan is: Your monthly allotment of data is:
TELUS Internet 50 400 GB*
TELUS Internet 25 250 GB*
TELUS Internet 15 150 GB *
TELUS Internet 6 100 GB*
TELUS Internet 1 15 GB*

* A gigabyte (GB) is a unit of data that is equivalent to 1024 MB. Some examples of 1 GB of data include:

  • 100 large software programs
  • 250 music tracks (MP3 files of 4 MB each)
  • 100 video clips (MPEG video clips of 10 MB each)
  • 20,000 pictures (JPEG images of 50 KB each)
  • 16,000 Web pages (Web page visits of 60 KB each)
  • 2 movies (approximately 500 MB each).